Gordon's Cafe: A Land Mark In DownTown

Downtown Beirut is one of our favorite destinations in Lebanon. One of it's landmarks is Le Gray hotel, and our new special landmark is it's cosmopolitan restaurant, Gordon's café. Located at the gate of  Downtown Beirut and facing Samir Kassir's garden, Gordon's gorgeous terrace will capture your attention and if it doesn't, the smell will do. 

Their menu is always updated with customers favorite items and some daily specials added due to popular demand. It offers sharing plates, starters, salads, burgers and sandwiches, pizzas, mains and pastas.

The first sign that the experience is going to be great is their homemade, served hot, delicious bread served with oil and balsamic vinegar.

We wanted to try their signature items that you won't find anywhere else. 
We started with our new addiction the zucchini and parmesan fritti. It's made of breaded thin slices of zucchini and parmesan. We wish they'll be served instead of fries in all restaurants because they are very yummy.

We also shared chicken mousakhan with hommos dip. It consists of chicken seasoned with summak in a markouk wrap. The special thing about it is that it is not served with garlic but with hommos, which made it very light. 

A meal is not complete without a salad, so we went for the heart of lettuce since we love blue cheese and nuts. It contained 3 hearts of lettuce dipped in a very balanced french dressing, with blue cheese and walnuts. It was the finest blue cheese and the best salad we have ever tried. 

Now for their specialties, we had the grass-fed prime beef burger. The meat was very juicy and tasty. It comes with crispy bacon, tomatoes and english cheddar cheese with lots of fries. It was a gourmet burger.

Their New to town wood oven baked pizza is one of a kind! It's a must try since it contains peanut butter, marinated chicken and cream sauce topped with mozzarella. We simply loved it as it introduced new flavors to pizza.

We couldn't not try their mains as most of them have an exotic touch, so we went for the Roasted baby chicken. It was a piece of art from its presentation to its taste.The chicken is boneless and very well seasoned. It is served with golden potato wedges and exotic salad. The salad was unusual since it had fruits like mango and watermelon with lemon and onion. It's a good mixture and very refreshing. 
Although this meal is very delicious, it is still low on calories. So if you are on a diet you can still enjoy a tasty and healthy dish. 

We ended the "salty part" with the majestic veal milanese accompanied with risotto. It was succulent! The escalope was so thin and crispy and the risotto was creamy, cooked to perfection and sprinkled with generous parmesan slices.

Your dilemma will be in choosing the dessert. More than what they have in the menu, they prepare the Gordon's cake which has a filling seasonally changed according to the fruits. We were lucky to have the cherry chocolate version. It was fluffy and flavors were well blended.

The pain perdu is one of the best. It is served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, pecan and cinnamon apple pieces with a very delicious caramel sauce. 

The best of them all was the tiramisu! It is a mouthwatering dessert. It reminded us of the traditional Neapolitan tiramisu.

Our experience at Gordon's Café was memorable. The food was exquisite with generous portion, the staff were very friendly and the restaurant is full of positive vibes. Also we were very lucky to meet 
Gordon Campbell Gray the founder and chairman of CampbellGray Hotels, and the creator of the beautiful Le Gray Beirut.

Average price: 30$ per person
Rating: 9/10


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