Yolla the WonderWoman of Tomatomatic

Many restaurants will attack you and become your enemies after saying negative reviews about them. It's not at all the case of CLASSIC Burger JointTomatomatic Pizza and their Wonder Woman Yolla. After our incident with the Mushroom&Swiss pizza and although we didn't complain directly to the management, Yolla contacted us and apologized, promising that she will take our feedback into consideration. 

To make it up for us she wanted to offer us dinner so that we can enjoy again our favorite pizza. She sent us 1 Mushroom &Swiss pizza, 1 BBQ chicken and the vegetarian pizza with the new brown crust. 

The Mushroom&Swiss is back full of cream and cheese the way we always loved it. 

   Our new favorite thing is the vegetarian pizza with the brown crust, its very light yet full of taste        and perfect if you still want to look good in your swimming wear.

The BBQ chicken contains the perfect combination of great ingredients to make a yummy pizza: olives, onions, chicken, BBQ sauce and cheese. 

If you are ClassicBurger Fries Lover you can order them and enjoy them with your pizza.

Yola is the kindest and sweetest customer care agent I have ever met, she will listen to you and respect all your criticism and do her best to solve them.

Every restaurant's customer service should learn from Ministry of Food on how to deal and respect their customers because without them it's a football match without crowd.


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