Win a Meal to Napoli at Appetito Tratoria.

Located in the narrow streets of Hamra Appetito Trattoria will take you to a very short trip to Napoli to enjoy a traditional pizzeria experience.

The first thing we heard about this restaurant is that they take pictures of their customers and upload them on Facebook. Our first reaction was that this will never happen to us but it was not the case after meeting Diana who served us as she was very kind and welcoming.

The menu offers appetizers, salads, typical pizzas plus some signature pizzas, risottos, pastas, and main dishes. We ordered patate e lardo pizza and risotto ai funghi porcini.

The pizza was very special as It contained tomato sauce potatoes, onions, bacon, garlic, and cheese. The onions were supposed to be caramelized but still the pizza was good and worth discovering. We didn't feel any garlic flavor. 

The risotto was yummy specially that it was prepared with our favorite ingredient the truffle oil. It was very creamy and the mushroom were served in big slices which made us feel their taste.

The dessert contained pumpkin and ricotta cheese mixed together with a piece of biscuit and topped with caramel sauce. It felt fresh and healthy.

If you want to live the Napoli experience to the limit don't forget to order the homemade limoncello which is very light and a must after your meal.

Average price:22$


End of Hamra main street.
+961 1 347 346


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