Why We will never visit Olio again.

It takes one mistake to break the bond that you have with your favorite restaurant. That was the case of Olio as our recent visit was so under our expectations. Along with Olio you always find Soto restaurant for sushi lovers so you can enjoy both Japanese and Italian cuisines with your friends. 

Let's start with the positive: the beef and the chicken teriyaki were yummy! They come very well done in the sweet teriyaki sauce with a cup of basmati rice. Both, chicken and beef were tender. 

The sushi and the crazy salad were not fresh at all. We used to be amazed by the quality and the taste of their sushi but not this time.

Now for the pizzas, they were served burnt to a point that a piece of the crust was removed by the chef so that we wouldn't notice but the smell was more than enough to hide it. We told the manager to change it he said yes but assured that it was normal and they serve it that way. Fortunately we are not blind. 

The salmon pizza was too dry unlike other times. It lacked cream cheese and the salmon were also not fresh. 

                      The primavera is a pizza they should reconsider. It is watery and tasteless. 

    The fries were very good and crunchy.


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