What you need to know before trying WoodBees?

We always get excited whenever we see a new restaurant opening. The latest is woodbees by wooden bakery located on Jal El Dib highway next to Wooden Bakery. The architecture of the restaurant is so beautiful with greenery surrounding it, a very high ceiling and a big old olive tree in the middle of it. It is a self service restaurant that offers international food from Lebanese traditional mashewe and shawarma to french raclette sandwich and american BBQ chicken sandwich. Plus a wide variety of ready made salads mezze and desserts. 

We ordered our all time favorite fries with truffle oil and paremsan, a meat shawarma sandwich, a raclette sandwich and for dessert mango delice. 

The truffle fries had nothing to do with truffle although they were good and crunchy. The parmesan was not enough since we are parmesan lovers. It was average. Go for the regular fries.

The shawarma sandwich was new to us. It was not the traditional "shawarma sikh", but meat brochettes in shawarma spices. It was a very delicious sandwich, the meat was very tender and well seasoned, it had hommos, fries, tomatoes, pickles and onions. 

The raclette sandwich has melted cheese with turkey and cranberries. It was too cheesy and dry at the same since it needed some sauce. 

The mango delice consisted  a layer of cream and a layer of white cake with tiny pieces of mango And a sugary mango syrup on top. For 5000 we prefer having a mango tart from la goulée. 
The portion of both sandwiches and dessert was a little small for the price.

Though woodbees is a new concept, it didn't make us live a new experience.
                      Average price: 15$ per person 
                      Rating: 7/10


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