Tomatomatic where did you go?

Where is the delicious swiss mushroom pizza Tomatomatic was once famous for? We used to reward ourselves with this yummy pizza. Since the last 2 times, we realized that it was not like before but this time was the worst. It should be called now "tomato sauce pizza". 

It had around 1 tablespoon of tomato sauce in every bite instead of cream. They used to put a good quantity of swiss cheese and cream that I was not able to hold it in my hand as the sauce drenched. We wanted to give it another chance but we were very disappointed.

 Pictures speak for themselves. I don't mind paying more and getting the pizza they used to serve. It was one of our favorites. For 20000 I better have a pizza from olio or Napoletana or Margherita.
Tomatomatic provides only takeaway and delivery. They have 3 takeaway joints: Ashrafieh, Hamra, and Antelias.


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