The very delicious BLU PORT AT ZAITOUNA BAY

We love having a walk after a meal as it makes us feel less guilty of what we ate. Zaitouna Bay is the perfect location for a delicious dinner and a stroll on the coast as you will find the best restaurants available from american to italian, and even Japanese. This time we were lucky to choose Blu Port Beirut a diner located at the end of the bay right next to the Yacht Club. Although it's located in a public place but it has this kind of privacy since it's out of the hustle of the bay. Blu port offers an internatinal menu and sushi. The sushi they serve are from the delicious Kampai as they are sister companies. There sushi menu is not wide but Kampai is set to open soon next to it. We ordered crispy crazy sushi, swiss & mushroom burger and for dessert pain perdu.
We never tried Kampai but heard many good things about it and we were assured, though we tired only 4 samples, that they dont serve any kind of sushi as the crab was extremely fresh and I was able to taste it as in other restaurants all kinds of sushi taste the same. They were delicious and we can say it's our new love.
The burger was very yummy! The bun was well toasted and the patty was very moist and juicy. Its creamy sauce and the fresh mushrooms made it succulent.
The pain perdu was different from other restaurants it was kind of "healthy pain perdu". It has adauqate sauce and sugar. Served crispy with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. We loved the strawberries that gave it a fresh summery side.
We don't have to forget that at the beginning you are welcomed with a basket of freshly baked bread and olive paste. Plus the waiter was very friendly and welcoming. All in all It was a great experience.
Average price: 25$ per person
Rating: 8.5/10

Zaitunay Bay - Le Yacht Club
Beirut, Lebanon
01-762882 / 71-999951


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