The only reason you will love Lebanon for is because of Balthazar.

We finally found the best pain perdu in Beirut and we mean it. Located in the middle of downtown in Beirut souks, balthazar offers a French menu with some international items such as the burger or the club sandwich. The place is so beautifully decorated, with colorful lamps dangling from the ceiling. For outdoor lovers there is a terrace surrounded by plants and the famous Beirut souks statues. We were going just for dessert but we were tempted with their menu so we ended up sharing a club sandwich as well. 

The club sandwich was good. The bread was toasted which is a positive point. It had good quality non-chewy chicken, eggs, pickles, cheese, tomatoes and mayo sauce. 

The pain perdu was ORGASMIC! It was so moist. We felt that it had cream in it. It comes freshly baked and extremely hot with a cup of caramel sauce. It was the best pain perdu ever. It's made for two but I won't be sharing it next time.

Though Balthazar is international and can be found in New York and London the pain perdu is only served in Beirut. Just for once‪#‎my_city_is_better_than_yours‬

Average price: 30$ per person. The pain perdu is for 22000. 
                                  Rating: 7.5/10 for the club sandwich
                                               9/10 for the pain perdu.


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