Gavi: The New Italian Restaurant everyone is talking about.

We were late 3 months to try the best Italian restaurant in Beirut that everyone is buzzing about. Gavi is located in downtown in the middle of a garden where you can't but feel happy.

The restaurant is full of positive vibes from the beautiful decoration to the great service. You will have the chance to savor traditional plates prepared by their Italian chef. The menu offers appetizers, salads, pizzas, pastas, risottos and main plates with a seafood section. Some of its items are rarely found in other restaurants such as the truffle pizza, truffle gnocchi with blue potatoes, salmon pizza, etc...

We ordered gnocchi dil patate blu' al tartufo nero, pizza di tartufo and crème brulée for dessert. 

The truffle pizza was ORGASMIC! A very thin crispy crust with delicious camembert cheese and a generous amount of truffle sauce. The outcome was superb. 

The gnocchi was succulent. Made from blue potatoes ,which is something new and yummy, and creamy truffle sauce with parmesan cheese on top. 

The crème brulée was the "cerise sur la crème". It was the sweet ending of this great dining experience.

Gavi was more than we expected. It raised the bar for other Italian restaurants. The food was very yummy for an affordable price compared to other restaurants. You should definitely try it but you have to reserve before three days.

Average price: 25$ per person
Rating: 9/10
Down Town,Minet El Hosn,
Palladium Building
01 999354


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