Captain Davis: The Captain of Sin El Fil.

There is captain in Horch Tabet that has been grilling hamburgers and sandwiches for the past 2 years.  We tried it when it opened and we didn't like it but we decided to give it another shot after hearing positive reviews

The Asian beef sandwich contained coconut oil , peanut butter, red curry sauce and onion. It is very delicious and you can feel the taste of every ingredient used.

The great Swiss burger was average. It doesn't have cream and it was falling apart. Plus they added tomato that was not appropriate to the burger it felt more a of a Lebanese burger. The meat was chewy and we were lucky to find a small bone in the patty. We expected more from the title.

The chef was sleepy when he prepared the baba au rum as it had no sugar at all. The rum was very strong as well. It was inedible.

We didn't go to heaven when we tried the chocolate heaven. We remained on earth since it was a very simple and dry with chocolate syrup on top.

We did not mind going to Captain Davis again and trying new items like the delicious Asian sandwich but we wished they paid more attention to the burgers as the menu stresses on them.

Average price: 15$ per person. 
Rating: 6.5/10.
Sin El Fil
Beirut, Lebanon
01 482 662


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