Spy action movies are back with Spooks.

After the escape of Qasim a high profile terrorist from the hands of the Military Intelligence of UK, blame falls upon Harry Pearce, who was the head of the mission. Shortly, Harry realizes that someone from his very team betrays him and betrays the MI5 with the purpose of destroying the entire organization. Harry ends up teaming with a former agent that he fired years ago Will Crombie. Will helps Harry in getting access to some top-secret information as Qasim begins his war in sabotaging London.

Spooks reminded us of the good old movies of James Bond as it is full of mysteries to be solved and continuous suspense. The film will let you stay curious to know who betrayed the MI5 and Harry and you will never know till the end of the movie.
"Spooks: the greater good" comes out after the success of the British spy series Spooks. Though you don’t need to have seen the series before seeing the movie but we are sure you will end up wanting to start watching them directly after it ends. The movie shows also the beauty of London with breathtaking aerial and panoramic scenes.

It is a great movie from plot, to story line, to acting, to special effects and music.
Rating: 4/5

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIiMcTOiMLw


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