One Thousand and One Nights at Oliver Garden Restaurant and Terrace


Sometimes we don't want to think of what we will order and we resort to a buffet. And how about if this buffet was for a special occasion in a 5 star hotel! Gefinor Rotana offers a daily iftar during the month of Ramadan in Clemenceau Hamra.

To live the the Ramadan experience we decided to fast all day. The buffet is displayed in the beautiful ‪#‎OliveGarden‬ restaurant and terrace. It offers soups, salads from Lebanese to international, traditional Lebanese mezza, oriental and international main plates, shawarma and mashewe. Not to forget the wide variety of desserts. 

We started with dates and their refreshing jelleb with nuts. The cream and asparagus soup warmed us to start our food journey.


We were confused which salad to choose from tabbouleh to fattoush to Caesar to tuna to shrimps to Russian... We tried the shrimp and the avocado salad which was very tasty since the shrimps were very well seasoned and it had a generous portion of avocado. We couldn't not try the Caesar as well. It was very good. 


From the mezza section we tried the crispy falafel, the hommos, batenjen, warak 3enab, arnabit, batata mtabale and many others. We wanted to do a second round but the hot dishes were waiting for us.

We were not able to stop eating the delicious shawarma with the freshly baked markouk bread. The chicken with cream sauce was succulent. There was also steak with pepper sauce, kabse generously sprinkled with nuts. And for fish lovers there was the fish fillet. All these platters are served with basmati rice or baked potatoes. 


We don't have to forget the mashewe: lahme, taouk and kafta. 



The best part is always the sweet part! Our big struggle was to try all the desserts because we were full and especially that there was Knefe, our weak point! 


The knefe was perfect! The crème brulée was yummy! We ate kellej, ashtaliye, em ali, atayif, cheesecake, crème caramel... but we have to say a big sorry for the tarte because we couldn't try it. But as we remember now how delicious it looked we are regretting it!



 We loved the service and the quality of the buffet at Gefinor Rotana. You will feel you are having a dinner with the family but the only difference is that no one needs to complain who will clean the dishes at the end.

Price: 50$ per person including drinks.
Rating: 9/10

Clemenceau Street.
Tel.: +9611371888


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