OBI your new sushi Lounge in Badaro.

"We only eat sushi on days ending with y" and thanks to Obi's countless specialties you will crave it twice everyday. Obi is an urban sushi restaurant that has 2 branches in Lebanon: Badaro next to Lina's and ABC dbayeh. We visited the newly opened Badaro branch. It is beautifully decorated, with warm colors and quotes written all over the ceiling and the walls. You can also sit outside and enjoy Badaro nightlife. 

The menu offers salads, a huge variety of sushi, hot Japanese dishes such as teriyaki salmon, noodles, tepanyaki chicken... and the "sushi-phobic" can still enjoy burger or breaded chicken. The "sushiholic" will love the 29$ open sushi.

 We ordered ura maki specialties such as: Hawaiian (crab, avocado, mango and chili sauce), fire shrimp, crispy double salmon, kamukaze (crab, shrimp, avocado, coconut milk and chili sauce), crab mango, shrimp wave (shrimp, crab and tempura crisps) and of course the basic ura makis. 

The crazy salad was delicious and exotic with generous amounts of mango and avocado.

 Unlike other restaurants, every piece had a different taste from the other. They were extremely fresh and tasty. The good thing about Obi is that they use spices which make the sushi very yummy and they don't depend on mayo to make it tasty but on a generous amount of crab salmon or shrimp. 

Since their sushi was succulent we wanted to try their desserts so we ordered fried banana roll. It was so delicious and refreshing as well with the vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.

 Obi was more than we expected. We will be coming again very soon.
Average price: 35$ per person.
Rating: 8.5/10
ABC Dbayeh: +961-76-001544, +961-04-525586, Badaro, Main Street: 01-383411 / 76-007599

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