Kampai a sushi place like no other.

One of the bloggers had his birthday last week and we wanted to spoil ourselves with our favorite food, of course Sushi. We chose Kampai Restaurant as we heard it serves delicious sushi and is a very fancy place. (We already tried their sushi in blu port and we were amazed). Located in Minet El Hosn in Downtown directly behind Cocteau, kampai is our new favorite restaurant. You will fall in love with its beautiful decor and the refreshing ambiance. Its menu offers appetizers, salads, hot dishes, a wide variety of sushi and of course desserts. 


We started with the crazy salad.  The portion was generous and it was very tasty. They add a special spice that makes it different from the others.


We wanted to try their maki specialties and they were totally ORGASMIC. The Shrimp Jalapeno was my favorite as it introduced us to new tastes we never knew they existed before.

The rainbow maki was so yummy. It contains mango, avocado and a salmon wrap. 

The cheesy maki contains salmon and an unlimited amount of cream cheese. It is very original and good as well.

We ordered the usual crazy crispy and crazy California ones which were very fresh and delicious. Unlike other places you can feel the taste of each ingredient used and you can feel a difference of taste between each type of sushi. 

Now for the best part, the dessert! We chose the white chocolate dome which is made of white sponge cake topped with chocolate mousse and all covered with a layer of dark chocolate served with strawberry icecream! It is a piece of art. We loved it. 

You will love kampai not only from the great food they serve, but also from the good service since the staff are very welcoming, fast in serving your order and they are always ready to help you.  

Don't wait for celebrations and birthdays to try kampai! Pamper and always love yourself.
Reservations are preferred during the weekend as they are always full.

Average price: 50$ per person
Rating: 9/10
Palladium bldg,Minet El Hosn, Down Town, Beirut, Lebanon
Tel.: +9611999092

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