Hookah Lounges should stick to Hookah, Public restaurant.

The theory that you can't have a yummy meal in a hookah (arguile) lounge still applies until further notice. And that was the case of public in Antelias. The place is huge with a big outdoor terrace where you can enjoy football games. The inside is a bit gloomy and colorless. 

After reading the huge menu we thought we were at Crepaway since more than half of the items are the same. They offer salads, appetizers, burgers, quasedillas, fajita, lebanese mezze and mashewe, crepes, samdwiches, a light section, pizzas, pastas and main platters. Not to forget a sushi menu from Yabani. It was the first alarm that the food won't be good because Michelin chefs can't perfectly prepare all these dishes. We ordered a Mexican salad, cheese quesadillas, chicken Caesar sandwich and for dessert a pain perdu.

The Mexican salad contained lettuce, seasoned chicken, cheddar cheese, corn, fresca salsa, carrots, tortilla chips in a mayo sauce. First the sauce was unacceptable as it had too much lemon that dominated all the tastes. The seasoning was kind of Lebanese and inappropriate to this Mexican salad. 

The cheese quesadillas contained grilled vegetables and cheese. The taste had nothing to do with quesadillas and it was too oily. 

The chicken caesar sandwich felt like toauk with caeser sauce bought from the market, the seasoning they use is the same one they use in all the chicken plates which made them all taste the same.

Finally the pain perdu had an orange and burnt taste. It was weirdest pain perdu we tired.

 Hookah Lounges should reconsider the menus they serve and stick with appetizers, and drinks after all each place should carry an identity.

Average price: 18$
Rating: 5.5/10
04 444 485

Click on the picture to see the menu clearly.


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