Entourage is back.

After its huge success as a series, Entourage is back but on the big screen this time better and funnier than ever.   Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) meets up with his super funny friends (our favorite is Ari of course) to direct and star on a 100$ million dollar movie but things get more complicated when they cross the budget and have to find ways to cover the extra 15 million.

 Watching Entourage will give you the chance to see a bunch of your favorite stars Mark Wahlberg who was the real life inspiration for Vincent along with Jessica Alba, and everyone’s favorite Liam Neeson and many others. It would be the perfect movie to watch with your buddies and have some laugh as it’s totally enjoyable.


Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ft9e7m5fZ8


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