Delicious Sunday Brunch at Casper & Gambini's

Casper & Gambini's will solve your complicated relationship with Sundays after they introduced their delicious Sunday brunch in Verdun Branch in Dunes. The restaurant has many sitting area each one with a different ambiance and a terrace for outdoor lovers. The buffet offers a wide variety of Lebanese dairies that we forgot about, like the mshalale or the jebne bayda or the labneh in oil and cheese in oil not to forget the emmental with the salame, the boiled eggs and the grilled halloum. 

For frenchies you will love their quiche with cream and fresh mushroom, the on spot made omelette or the croissants. 

And for the "lebanesies" you will love the foul and balila with spices and fresh vegetables and the freshly baked mana2esh that you can choose between zaatar jebne or feta harra. There is also a variety of cereals with milk and fresh fruit salad with yogurt. For your sweet tooth pancakes with chocolate, nutella or peanut butter and cinnamon cakes are waiting for you. Along with this wonderful breakfast you can have open soft drinks or juices and 1 hot drink. 

We won't talk about every single item as they were all tasty but we have to emphasize on our customized omelette with cheese, fresh mushroom and peppers that was yummy, the succulent feta harra man2oushe, the fresh fruits salad to which I added yogurt and the pancakes with all those generous toppings.

From now on you will start looking forward to Sundays. 

The brunch is for 28000 L.L for adults and 15000 L.Lfor kids from 9:30 till 13:00.

Rating: 9/10

The delicious Pancakes, that you customize with nutella, and strawberry and nuts.

My fresh Orange Juice.

The delicious spicy feta.

More Peanut Butter please.

More Pancakes.

Foul and Balila. 
Quice with fresh mushroom and cream.

A delicious cinnamon cake with yummy croissant

The most delicious Omelette I have ever tried.

Grille Halloumi

Boiled Eggs.


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