Boulevard Beirut, a restaurant on our black list.

It's so sad when a restaurant has great potential but everything gets ruined by the worst service and waiters you could ever meet at Boulevard Beirut. We decided to go and try this new restaurant so when we arrived we saw an empty table next to the window and asked if we could sit there he said no it's for 4( though most of the tables next to the windows were for 4 and only two persons were sitting on them and having only shisha). Then, we sat and we were promised to move to another one as a customer was leaving. After 10 minutes we were still waiting for the waiter to inform us to move. When we asked him if it's ready he suddenly told us it is reserved. Noting that in those 10 minutes no one cared to take our order. We decided to leave because a customer should not be treated this way yet still no one cared to ask why. We also decided to take it to the next level and inform them on there Facebook page on Monday yet still no one cared to reply so we guess carelessness runs in the family.


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