Beware No Pictures are Allowed at NASMA.

We are recently becoming fans of Lebanese food because of the new restaurants that offer Lebanese cuisine with a twist. One of them is Nasma Beyrouth, located on the terrace of Beirut city centre. It offers typical Lebanese food items and the same ones with a Nasma twist (like Nasma hommos that is hommos mixed with herbs or the chicken znoud el set with cheese). We ordered fattoush with sesame bread, nasma hommos, borma with chicken, taouk and for dessert beklawa cheese cake.
The fattoush was very delicious we are loving the debs el remman sauce in it, not only will it make it tasty but also it’s very healthy.

The Nasma Hommos was yummy especially when it was accompanied with freshly baked hot markouk bread.

The borma chicken was very original, we didn't want to order the traditional rkakat so the waitress suggested the borma chicken. They are made of osmaliye filled with chicken and cheese. They were very crispy and delicious.

The taouk was well seasoned and well done. Along with the tasty wedges. The portion was very generous.

The beklawa cheese cake is the dessert to be tried for the people who loves Beklawa. Not sugary at all, made of cheese cake with a layer of beklawa on top. It's a great combination.

We are so sorry there are no pictures attached with this review simply because we were not allowed to take pictures which is shocking. We were peacefully taking a picture of their beautiful interior specially their wall when we were forced to delete it though we informed the manager our only intention was to share it with our followers because we really loved the food. Maybe they thought we are stealing the wall with our camera, or an intellectual property. Whatever the case we will not visit Nasma again because they have the worst service and they still live in the old ages. It is the age of instagram and facebook, and a photo could be a great advertising IT IS NOT A WEAPON.

Nasma Beyrouth
Beirut City Centre-Hazmieh, Lebanon
01 288 256


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