AliExpress Founder: "Money doesnt buy Happiness"

Even though we know money doesn't truly bring happiness, most of us still dream of becoming a millionaire entrepreneur or striking it lucky and winning the lottery, but Jack Ma - a man who has experienced being both poor and super rich - says he was happiest when he was earning just $12 a month. Ma, who is the founder and executive chairman of online store Alibaba which net worth was $25 billion last September.

After graduating in 1988, Ma worked as an English teacher at a local university in his hometown of Hangzhou, China. He only made $12 a month, and he referred to this period as the "best life I had."

When you don't have much money, you know how to spend it, Ma explained. But once you become a billionaire, you have a lot of responsibility.

"If you have less than $1 million, you know how to spend the money," he said during Tuesday's speech. " [At] $1 billion, that's not your money...The money I have today is a responsibility. It's the trust of people on me."

 He referred to his days as an English teacher as "fantastic," according to CNN Money. He said anyone with $1 million is "lucky," but when you reach $10 million, "you've got troubles."

After Alibaba's IPO, he told CNBC that the pressure that comes with the responsibility gets to him, especially now that the world is focusing on Alibaba's stock price.

"IPO is great because ... I'm happy with the results," he said to CNBC. "But honestly, I think when people think too highly of you, you have the responsibility to calm down and be yourself."

In the interview, he says he doesn’t like being called the richest person in China. “I just want to do the things I want to do.” When you’re too rich “everyone is surrounding you for money,” he adds.


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