Al Balad metal hal Balad.

Surrounded by nature and looking at the sea al balad will make you feel you are on your grandmas "stayha" with birds singing, cats running in the garden and colorful flowers all around the tables area. But we wished the food was as good as the location. We ordered fattoush, hommos with lahme, halloum baajin and taouk platter. For dessert we ordered halawe tarte. 

The hommous with lahme and snoubar was strange. The meat was served cold and not well done at all. We never saw or taste a similar meat in a hommos platter. (Unless it's their specialty but we couldn't find something special about it). 

The taouk was very average, barely seasoned and the cubed fries as well. It was tasteless.

Try to skip halloum baajin because pesto with halloum and tomato on a lebanese man'oushe dough are not the perfect combination. The halloum was served cold although it was supposed to be a man'oushe. 

The fattoush was the only thing worth praising. It was fresh and the debs el remmen sauce was delicious. 

Well now concerning the halawe tart, it has nothing to do with halawe. It's a chocolate custard tarte with tiny halawe slices sprinkled on it. They should have used real chocolate filling instead of custard. It felt cheap. Go and learn the real halawe tarte from Locanda in Jbeil. 
The bread was searved cold unlike other Lebanese restaurants. We think they have a problem in serving hot food. 

We don't understand how this restaurant took high ratings and is recommended by other food bloggers.

We advise you to skip it. 

Average price: 25$ per person
                                                         Rating: 6/10


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