A healthy Treat at Beit Moussllam

When was the last time you ate a healthy treat? From time to time I like to reward my body with some healthy fresh fruits. My dilemma in Beirut is finding a good clean cocktail house. I tried many but none of them satisfied me until I found Beit mousallem in Ashrafieh, next to AUST. Not only does it serves fresh juice and cocktails but also fruits and vegetables and some that you have never seen in your life with an organic section. Be sure that they offer the best quality but a little more expensive than the market.
I always order my favorite mix of avocado and mango. It is made of a layer of creamy avocado topped with mango slices and mango juice. The fruits are extremely fresh and delicious without additional sugar or milk!
You should try it.
Price: 8000L.L. for the medium one and 10.000L.L. for the large.
Tel.: +9611218010


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