What is a Scaloppini at Food Style?

When i wanted to have a delicious escalope i used to go to Koryatem to enjoy the famous scaloppini. After the boom of restaurants that are opening every day i stopped going for a while. Yesterday I realized that I was missing good food at Food Style restaurant. After opening it's branch in Ashrafieh Sassine it became my favorite. The menu offers breakfast items as well as open wings on Friday (20,000L.L with soft drinks), burgers, tacos, sandwiches, baked potatoes and platters with a vegetarian section. The restaurant is colorful and comfortable. To relive the memories we ordered one scaloppini platter and one FS chicken sandwich and for dessert nutella chocolate cake.

The scallopini consisted of breaded chicken topped with artichoke sauce and parmesan cheese. It was served with a generous portion of caesar salad and a lot of fries. The scaloppini was delicious the fries were crispy and the salad was very good. 

The FS chicken sandwich bread was very good, filled with a cheesy creamy sauce topped with rocket leaves and grilled chicken. The only comment was that the chicken portion inside should have been more as sometimes it felt like eating the bread with the sauce. 

The Nutella cake was average. We didn't feel the Nutella and it was like an ordinary chocolate mousse cake. We were deceived WE WANTED NUTELLA! We expected something better with the signature of FS.

You will all find an item in the menu that you like in food and style. You should try it. 
Average price: 15$ per person
Rating: 7.5/10
Ashrafieh 01-335335


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