STUDIO BEIRUT, Lebanese food with a twist.

Are you bored of trying the same Lebanese restaurants because you love Lebanese cuisine? Then the solution is very simple! You should try Studio Beirut in Mar Mikhael. It's my favorite Lebanese restaurant so far. I have been to Studio Beirut many times before and every time we enjoy our experience. The location is really amazing wether you sit inside and enjoy the beautiful decoration or outside and enjoy the feeling of being on the balcony of an old Lebanese house. The special thing about Studio Beirut is that it offers a Salad bar made of Lebanese mezza. This time we ordered my all time favorite platters: the fattoush, hommos with meat and pine nuts, rakakat b jebne and the msakhan chicken.
The fattoush is the best you can eat in town. It has a unique taste with extremely fresh and varied vegetables. I love this salad.
The rakakat are also the best in town. You can have them fried or grilled (I don't count calories when it comes to food so I took them fried and I advise you to do so tongue emoticon ). The cheese used is succulent! Very creamy and yummy. You will want to eat more than 4 pieces.
The hommos is very good and it has a big quantity of meat and nuts.
The chicken is delicious especially if you like markouk! Add to that the amazing seasoned potato wedges with pickles and garlic. It's a superior platter.
We already made a review about the one of a kind desserts that this restaurant offers and the deliciousness they hide. If you are not fans of Lebanese food just go and try their desserts. You won't regret it.
The overall experience at Studio Beirut was excellent and it's not something new. They are known for offering the best in everything.
Average price: 22$/person
Rating: 9/10


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