KAPTN in Batroun.

It's time to hit the beach and enjoy the spring breeze before the summer heat arrives. Batroun is becoming the destination for most beach lovers who want escape the crowd. KAPTN is my new(cou de coeur) from it's location to it's good food and ambiance. It has a restaurant for family gatherings that offers Lebanese food and fresh fish. You can also eat at the terrace next to the sea.
You can access this island by it's unique elevator or by its amusing stars. And for beach lovers you can enjoy their clean water and a sun tan for 10,000 L.L. But be aware that they don't offer sun umbrellas so the tanning is a must.
Now for the food we ordered fattoush and a taouk platter.
The fattoush was very refreshing. It had a big variety of fresh vegetables all in a delicious sauce. It only needed some salt.
The chicken skewers were well seasoned served with mushrooms! The garlic that accompanied the plate was very delicious and the fries were very yummy. The side salad had no sauce.
Our only comment is that carrots or crackers should be served with the beer. But the Mexican beer was great.
For some exceptional photos to share on Instagram and to put as whatsapp wallpaper and of course for a great experience you should visit KAptn.
Average price: 15$ per person
Rating: 8/10
Madfoun Bridge
Batrun, Liban-Nord, Lebanon
78 988 988


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