MAD MAX: FURY ROAD made a lot of buzz before being released by having a 99% rating on Rottentomoates. It's an action film directed by George Miller. The movie jumps to the future where the civilization reaches an end and the world is ruled by fascist leader KING JOE. ‪#‎TomHardy‬ who plays ‪#‎MAX‬ is kidnapped by the military force of KING JOE. He teams up with ‪#‎Furiosa‬, ‪#‎CharlizeTheron‬, who rebels against her leader to save his five wives and to go back to her homeland.

The duration of the movie is 2 hours and I guarantee that the adrenaline level in your body will remain high all the time as it's the best action movie for 2015. The photography and special effects in it are out of this world, and I am sure it will be nominated for an Oscar. The soundtrack is so catchy, I really loved it. Very good actors, very good plot, great photography to sum up it's an amazing movie to watch this weekend and I am sure it will be "A lovely day"
Rating: 4.5/5


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