Julia's, not like before.

Julia's a restaurant that has been open for 12 years, it was known for offering the best pain perdu in town. We decided to re visit it again and to see where it still stands. It's located in Abdel Wahab Inglizi Street, Monot area. The restaurant looks like an old house, it has a terrace that I advise to sit on as the inside is lifeless with no music or light. The restaurant offers starters, salads, burgers, and main plates.
We decided to start with chicken tenders, mushrooms forestiere, cheddar bacon chips and Caesar salad. For the main plates we had one Mrs. Nazek Burger and The House Speaker and for dessert one fondant and one pain perdu.

The chicken tenders were very good and they were made like tempura style. The sauce honey mustard with dijion which gave it more taste.
The mushrooms were very simple and tasty. It had coriander,garlic and buttery sauce. I advise you to eat it with a spoon to sip the sauce with it.
The ceaser salad was very fresh and delicious, not so "mayonnaisie" and with big PARMESAN slices. We loved it.

The chips were unacceptable, too oily not crunchy at all, like they were served raw. The upper layer only had cheese and bacon. We didn't like it at all.

When we ordered the Mrs. Nazek chicken burger we had really high expectations as for the name. But they were all turned down from the first bite. I didn't know what it contained. The garlic, non-delicious sauce, took all the taste. The chicken was not seasoned and so chewy.
The house speaker was a bit better. The meat was not the best but it was okay. The cheddar cheese was tasty. It was a normal burger.
The fries that accompanied both burgers were too oily. And they should have been served with a side salad.

Now for the dessert, the pain perdu was generously surrounded with caramel, a very yummy caramel, served hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The melted sauces made it very delicious although the bread was not very great. The "best pain perdu title" was kind of PERDU. (lost)
The Fondant was good but nothing special. A normal fondant. We liked the quality of the chocolate used.
I expected more from Julia's.
Average price: 20$ per person
Rating: 6.5/10
Julia's, Abdel Wahab Inglizi Street, Beirut,
01 219539.


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