Fettuccine Chocolate Crepes at DIP N DIP

Who doesn't love chocolate? And who haven't tried Dip N Dip Lebanon haven't got the chance to eat good chocolate. The original Canadian dessert house is spreading his sweetness all over Beirut and opened recently in Ashrafieh. I read its history of how 2 Syrian partners began as a small kiosque of crepes in Canada and now has a kingdom of about 56 branches all over the world. Our preferred branch is in LeMallDbayeh and unfortunately it's always full on weekends and we have to wait. But since we know what we will be eating we can wait forever.
It offers waffles, crepes, pancakes, baked cakes, pain perdu, fondant, chocolate fondue... and cold milkshakes.
We ordered 1 fettuccine crepe and 1 cookies crepe.
The fettuccine is the most famous crepe dip n dip serves. Every time I am at one of its branches I see one on every table. It is made of shredded crepe just like pasta with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and topped with unlimited Belgian chocolate. You can choose milk dark or white chocolate. We prefer the milk chocolate. It is so yummy and a must try crepe.
The cookies crepe is my new love. It's filled with cookies and topped with 3 kinds of chocolate served hot and extremely delicious.
Before you begin your diet on Monday (like every Monday) go and indulge in the world of desserts.
Average price 10$ per person
Rating 9/10


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