Delicious Italian Buffet at Hitlon Habtour

Don't consider yourself eating Italian food unless you are dining in a typical Italian location surrounded by water with gondolas reminding the ambiance of Venice. Well no need to travel there since Venezia is located in Sin el Fil, Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand. You will also be mesmerized by the talented opera singers who will embellish your dining experience.

The open buffet consists of various delicious salads, a sea food section composed of smoked salmon, shrimps, moules, calamari, and many more. If you are not a sea food lover you have a big choice of cheese (such as brie, emmental, blue cheese, mozzarella...) and charcuterie (parma ham, salami...) with hot bread. A live pasta station fulfills your desires since the chef customizes your own mixture of homemade pasta with red or white sauce, chicken or salmon and of course unlimited amount of parmesan. The hot dishes are another world on their own: baked salmon, chicken fillet with cheese, vegetarian lasagna, steak with broccoli, mushrooms, baked vegetables, potatoes and the list continues. 
We tried every single thing and each item was better than the other but of course some were exquisitely delicious:

- The chicken caesar salad is one of the best in town
- I rarely eat smoked salmon but I fell in love with it because of its freshness and good quality

- The parma ham was so yummy that it was disappearing every 2 minutes
- The lasagna with its tasty sauce
- The tortellini in the white creamy sauce that were loaded with delicious cheese

Now let's move on to the sweetest part: the desserts. Where can we start? We felt in heaven! They serve more items than patisseries: chocolate tarte, strawberry tarte, fraisier, forêt noir, crème brulée, choux à la crème, tiramisu, chocolate layered cake, mille-feuille, mousse à la fraise and mousse au chocolat. 
Maybe what we said is not sufficient to express how wonderful the experience was so we took as many pictures as we could for you to check them. It should be your destination next friday.
The open buffet is for 47$ with open soft drinks and juices. 
Rating: 9/10
Hilton Beirut Metropolitan Palace,
Charles de Gaulle Street, Horch Tabet, Sin El Fil
Beirut, Lebanon
01 500 666


  1. Never organize a party and let the Buffet for last minute, be organized and have the services with 6-12 months before its celebration. As the faster you hire the more certain will be the availability of various dates as well as the decor among other details.


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