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My favorite restaurant concepts are the ones that offer sushi and international cuisine and the best are those who serve them both equally delicious. One of those is Cozmo Café at ABC Lebanon Ashrafieh (since the Zaytouna bay branch has less items in its menu: only 2 burgers and no sandwiches). Cozmo is characterized by a beautiful flashy decor that gives you a positive vibe from the beginning of the experience. And of course the best part is it's delicious food. It offers burgers, pizzas, pastas, salad bar, sushi, main platters such as steak and escalope, salads and delicious refreshing signature cocktails.
We ordered 1 ham and mushroom pizza, 1 Swiss N Mushroom burger, 1 spaghetti pomodoro and sushi.
The burger was succulent! The meat is one of the best we ever had. A generous amount of sauce with cheese and fresh mushroom made it exceptional.
The pizza was also amazing! It had a big amount of creamy cheese and the crust was great as well.
The spaghetti was good. They serve it with cheese which is a plus but it lacked some sauce and taste.
We ordered crazy California and shrimp with mango.
They were mouthwatering. Very fresh and yummy. The crazy california were so crispy and the mango shrimp ones lacked mango since they were served with very tiny mango pieces. We told the waiter and he fixed the problem. But all in all they were yummy.
PS: if you don't like something in the food, don't be shy to tell the waiter. It's their duty to give you the best quality since you are paying for the food.
We love Cozmo and we always enjoy great experiences at their branches. If you don't mind a smaller menu go for the Zaytouna bay branch and enjoy a walk after the meal.
Price:25$ Average price/person
Cozmo ABC Ashrafieh: 01/201111


  1. Their sitting arrangement looks a bit dense. It's like you are going to hear what people from your next table are talking about. But I really like their menu and prices are fine. Hope people will love this place. Regards from


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