Cavalli Caffe, Second time a charm.

After my first visit to Cavalli Caffe many followers told us to try other types of food and assured that we will love it. This time we decided to do everything in the opposite. We sat outside in their private terrace: you see but you are not seen. The plants are everywhere making it very positive and beautiful, you feel at home. We ordered chicken salad, shrimp with lemon sauce, risotto with mushroom, salmon salad and for dessert pain perdu.
The chicken salad was amazing! Very fresh and tasty with a variety of vegetables: olives, tomatoes, eggs, rocket leaves, iceberg, mushrooms and croutons. The chicken was marinated and put warm on top of all the mixture. The sauce was very simple made of lemon and oil. It's a very zen plate.
The shrimp lemon are kind of soup but with lots of vegetables: zucchini, peppers, coriander mushrooms... The shrimps tasted that they were just taken out of the sea.
The salmon pizza was very delicious. It had cream cheese lots of salmon and topped with green rocket leaves. For a greater taste and if you like spices put some spicy oil on it.
The risotto was yummy! Made of creamy sauce and fresh mushrooms with parmesan cheese. Don't be shy and order some extra parmesan cheese to enjoy it to the max.
Finally the sweet ending was with the succulent pain perdu!!! A generous portion served with vanilla ice cream and unlimited caramel sauce. We loved it.
You will have a luxurious experience at Cavalli café. We advise you to order non sophisticated items.
Average price: 35$ per person.
Rating: 8/10
Beirut, Lebanon
01 999 334


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