A delicious restaurant in HARISA Amar

You don't need to compromise food for the sake of beautiful scenery because at Restaurant Amar you can have them both and at a reasonable price. The restaurant is located on the road of Harissa, you will find it on your right after 10 minutes from going up. It is a Lebanese house like construction. It has an interior part and a terrace where you can enjoy the food and admire the beautiful sea from one angle and the mountain from the other.
The menu is pure Lebanese with some specialties that you wont find in another place. We ordered Fattoush, mo3ajjanet platter (rakakat, sambousek, kebbe) asfouriye bel debes and taouk.
The fattoush was very tasty. The vegetables are fresh and the sauce was amazing! Made of debs el remen like most of its specialties.
We loved the cheese used in the rakakat, the kebbe was very good as well, crispy and had a lot of spices. The sambousek were average, nothing special.
The asfouriye bel debes was a good choice. It contained beef fillet cooked with debs el remmen and some pine nuts on top. The meat was very tender but it needed more pine nuts. It is served with potato wedges but they should have been seasoned.
The taouk were delicious. Served with bread spread with tomato and chili sauce, garlic paste, cubed fries and grilled veggies. The chicken were well cooked, well seasoned and the portion was generous.
We advise you to go at 7 so you can enjoy the sunset and the night view.
A simple dessert such as raha and biscuits can be a good gesture to end such a good experience.
Average price: 35$
Rating: 8/10


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