The Spoonteller in Kaslik

the spoonteller, a hidden gem in Kaslik. This restaurant attracted me while passing next to espace empire cinema because of its simple beautiful decoration. The place is cozy full of positive vibes. The menu has meat, chicken, seafood and vegetarian specialities. You are welcomed with fresh hot bread just out from the oven accompanied with olive paste. It's yummy!
We ordered their speciality burger, gnocchi, pan fried potatoes and chocolate dome for dessert.
The burger had an excellent taste with just few ingredients mozarella, fresh mushroom and carmalized onions.
The gnocchi was also exquisite as it was surrounded with its creamy mushroom sauce and sprinkled with pine nuts.
The pan fried potato was "okay", nothing special.
The chocolate dome was below expectations due to its small portion and after eating these special meals I wanted to end the experience with something way better.
My overall experience was really great! The main plates were amazing. The only remark I give is that it needs more variety in the menu and the desserts need a make over.
Average price: 20$/person
Rating: 8/10


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