The Armenian Crepaway Shish Beureg

The Armenian Crepaway Shish Beureg opened it's door yesterday in Naccache main road, behind Charcutier Aoun. The place is divided between a self service part on the ground floor and a restaurant on the second. The restaurant has a modern homelike design with counters where appetizers are displayed and a refrigerator full of yummy treats and drinks.

 The good point is that you can see the food preparation as the kitchen is open to customers. The menu offers traditional Armenian food and american items with an Armenian twist such as basterma and sujok in burgers and sandwiches. We ordered 1 abaw burger, 1 cheesy chicken pocket and 1 chicken halloumi submarine. As for dessert I was craving choco halawa tart since I am a halawa and chocolate lover.
Concerning the submarine I liked the bread used and the mixture of the chicken with the melted halloumi.
Both burgers were less than average as the bun should have been heated.
The meat in the abaw burger was not very well done, and I was not able to identify a taste for that burger that makes me wanna try it again.
The chicken burger as well doesn't have a captivating taste as the combination of the basterma with the fried chicken and the cheese is so greasy and heavy.
The fries served with all three platters were delicious as they are seasoned and accompanied with a garlic mayo dip.
My overall fair experience was made better after eating the choco halawa tart. It was fresh, light, crispy and yummy.
Average price: 14$ per person
Rating: 6.5/10


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