Since I am a ‪#‎SushiHolic‬, I am always on the run to find good sushi places in Beirut, and my last visit was to Také Badaro. Také is located just behind Badaro main street and it has another branch in Zagharta. The menu has appetizers, salads, and of course sushi, but It lacked some variety of Ura Maki and I wanted to see more choices with mango and avocado wraps. We started with a crazy crab salad, crispy crazy sushi, and a variety of Ura Maki with Salmon. I also wanted to try their "sushi cake".

The crazy salad was tasty and fresh but the portion should have been bigger as it only contains crab sticks and cucumbers so more of that wouldn't break the bank.

The Ura Maki had a lot of rice wrapped along with It which dominated the taste and I was not able to feel the yummy salmon as the quality being used was good.

The sushi Salmon cake or better named the rice cake has a thin layer Salmon and the rest was rice with no sauce. It was pointless and tasteless.

As for the dessert, they did not impress me as I couldnt handle any more rice and they were 360 degree wrapped with rice though it had a piece of banana in each and a piece of strawberry on top of it.

The prices are very good as you get 4 pieces for 5$ on an average but I wish they were 6$ with less rice.
Average Price: 18$/person
Rating: 7/10

Badaro: 01/390456
Zgharta: 06/662635 - 70/759797


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