P.F Chang where quality meets Quantity.

Chinese cuisine is one of my favorite and less are those who serve good platters in Beirut. My number one Chinese restaurant is P.F. Chang's Lebanon and specifically the ABC Ashrafieh branch. The restaurant is very beautiful and you are welcomed by a huge horse symbol of love and stability. The menu offers appetizers (I advice you to try the Chang's chicken lettuce wrap if you like chicken or shrimp blast if you like shrimps). The mains include meat, chicken and shrimp platters that are extremely delicious (I almost tried all the menu). Today I ordered my favorite 2 platters: the crispy honey chicken and the shrimp with candid walnuts. Let's be honest, P.F. Chang's offers the best quality of food from meat to chicken to shrimps. You can't taste any of the platters without becoming addicted to them. The taste is very present and it keeps a good memory after finishing your meal. The prices are very adequate to the portion and the quality as you pay 27$ per person.
Rating: 8.5/10


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