Palmilla with a Mexican Touch at Uruguay street.

‪#‎Beer‬ & ‪#‎Nachos‬ are my favorite duo to grab with a bunch of friends. Thanks to Palmilla I get to have them both with a lovely ambiance at Uruguay street. What makes it more special is that they offer 50% discounts on their appetizers, quesadillas and drinks from 5 to 8. I got to try their potato wedges, chicken and cheese quesadillas. 
Potato wedges were extremely delicious with their cheese dip. They were very well done from the outside as from the inside which is a rare thing since in other restaurants they are served uncooked from the inside.
Both chicken and cheese quesadillas were very yummmy with their generous dips that included jalapeno. I loved their generosity and their cool waiters. It's a must visit whenever you want to hang out. They welcome you with Nachos and carrots.
Average price with an appetizer:15$,(Happy Hour 8$)
Rating:8.5/10 .


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