My Ship wont land again at Coast in Zaitouna Bay‬

COAST , a new restaurant that recently opened in ‪#‎. I wanted to try it after hearing a lot of buzz. I liked the interior decoration of the place as it's full of life and positive. The restaurant offers appetizers, salads, burgers, and main platters. As a burger lover, I tried the ‪#‎Caesar‬chicken burger and the Swiss&Mushroom hamburger. The burgers taste are really far from their title as I did not taste neither the parmesan cheese nor the Caesar sauce in the caesar one. Also, I thought I was eating a regular hamburger in the second because it lacked mushroom,sauce, and swiss cheese. I should mention that the ingredients used are good and fresh. Concerning the fries they did not have any taste that makes me want to come back again. The portion and the taste are not adequate for the price we paid that are above average for a regular burger. Price: 22$ for a meal.
Rating: 6/10


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