Kiimori my new Addiction

I recently became a fan of ‪#‎Asian‬ cuisine because of some amazing restaurants I tried. Kiimori is my newest addiction after trying it and falling in love with every detail of this positive place. Passing many times on Dbayeh highway Kiimori grabbed my attention. Located on the second floor in Blueberry Square the restaurant is beautifully decorated from the inside and has an Asian ambiance. 

After checking the menu online we planned to eat main platters but when we saw how professional the sushi chefs were we decided to try an order of the famous crazy crispy California. It was shockingly yummy! You can feel every ingredient used unlike other places and that's because they are extremely fresh. Honestly the sushi was better than specialized sushi restaurants. 
As for the main platters we ordered Kalkuta Chicken and Chicken Teryaki Quesadillas The quesadillas were very delicious! The chicken used is superior quality. 

The Kalkuta on the other hand was succulent! You can feel an explosion of tastes with each bite! Full of spices and very creamy... Well it was orgasmic!
Kiimori will become on my top restaurants list but next time will be focused on their yummy sushi. The experience was excellent. The staff were very welcoming and nice. I advise you to try it this weekend.

Average price: 25$ per person. Rating:9/10



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