Divvy , The New Place to Be.

After the long fasting I wanted to enjoy a big delicious meal in ‪#‎Beirut‬, I found myself once again in one of my favorite restaurants in ‪#‎marmikhael‬: Divvy. This time I loved the restaurant even more and I had a conclusion that the only challenge in Divvy is to choose the main plate.
We ordered "Buffalo chicken tortilla" as appetizer, "farmer chicken sandwich", and "tropical chicken" as a main plate. I dunno where to start from, the appetizer was extremely delicious that I had to eat a piece more than my friend. The sandwich is a traditional chicken one but it is really yummy and the "cerise sur la crème" was the tropical chicken! I love mango and I love chicken, then no need to tell you what I felt while eating this dish. The ingredients used are really good, no chewy chicken like many other places. The only critic is that I wanted to eat more fresh mango slices on the chicken but other than that, the experience was just amazing. Last time I nagged about the portion of food because the platters I ordered had small quantity but yesterday we had 3 plates with drinks for 20$ per person and we were full. It was a great way to finish my easter vacation.
Rating: 9/10


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