DIVVY, Everyone is talking about it.

If you still haven't visited Divvy then you really missing out. Its my forth time I visit this restaurant and every time I become more addicted to this amazing place! It has become a weekly stop for me to enjoy delicious plates. This time we decided to sit outside. It was a different experience. The location is very beautiful and zen with dim lights and vegetation! I really loved it. I already talked a lot about Divvy and its menu, you can check previous reviews. My target is to try all the menu so this time we ordered Thai crispy chicken salad, teriyaki meat skewers and nutella lava cake.
The salad was beyond perfect! A great combination of vegetables with premium quality chicken all in a sesame oil and lemon sauce. You can imagine what it's like. An explosion of taste! I loved this salad!
The teriyaki skewers were also YUMMY! The meat used is amazing not shewy at all, very well seasoned and had a great taste. Also the rice was very good. The plate was perfect.
Well let's pass to the best part, after eating these succulent platters the cake was ORGASMIC! The best Nutella fondant I have ever eaten! The cake is hot filled with melted nutella with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and more melted chocolate covering it all! I can't believe how delicious it was. It's a must try if you love nutella and the portion was great to be shared.
I expected my experience at Divvy to be great but it was greater. Thank you for offering food with great taste and great quality.
Average price: 20$/person
Rating: 9/10


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