Chocolate Lovers, REJOICE for Crepico

If you are a chocolate lover like me and you haven't tried Crêpico yet, then you really missed out. Crêpico had a branch in Bourj Hammoud before opening on Zalka highway next to Warde.I used to go to Bourj Hammoud to eat the most delicious fruit & chocolate cup and now I go to Zalka to enjoy its mouthwatering variety of desserts. The place is out of this world, beautifully decorated and very blue. You feel like you are in candy land. We ordered Crepico and chocolate rush crepes, sweet trio waffle, and frutticco pancake.
The melted chocolate that they use is currently the most delicious one I tried in Lebanon. Not so sugary and very creamy. The crepe dough is well done and very thin, the fruits used are so fresh. There is a special platter for each personality so I wont recommend any, as I liked them all.
And as they say: " balanced diet is a cake in each hand."
Average Price: 11$/person
Rating: 8/10


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