Break the Norm Try Armenian Food at Onno Bistro

Are you curious to try new cuisines and have new experiences? Well, ONNO Bistro the famous Armenian restaurant has landed in Badaro. I heard a lot about his Bourj Hammoud branch. Located on the main street of Badaro next to byblos bank, the location reminded me of a typical french restaurant. It is very positive and full of light. The waiter is very helpful as we needed to know more about the dishes, he suggested some of the most famous platters like the seubereg, the itch and the kabab laban. The food is good, The itch is to be tried since it is very different from our tabbouleh with a spicy taste. The seubereg is not my favorite dish since it's too greasy and tasteless but I had to try it since it's an Armenian speciality. The main dish was royal, rich with fried nuts and fried bread. I liked their generosity as they offer termos in the beginning which are very yummy and a dessert platter. I really enjoyed the experience since I am very interested in trying different cultures and the armenian cuisine is good and less are those who make it. Average: 25$ per person. Rating7/10:


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