BouBouffe the first Fine dining for Shawrma in the World.

There is a fine dining for ‪#‎shawarma‬ in Lebanon and it is Boubouffe restaurant traiteur. It is my all time favorite shawarma restaurant although it doesn't serve only shawarma. Its menu contains international platters like burgers and sandwiches plus, of course, the traditional Lebanese cuisine. 

The restaurant opened around a year ago on the main highway coming from Jdeideh to Ashrafieh as it was before in the parallel road from the inside since 1976. The new restaurant is so beautiful, very positive and welcoming. The staff are very nice too. Yesterday we ordered Tabbouleh, hommos, fries, and 2 main platters of "shawarma djej" and "shawarma lahme" and a kabab platter.
Tabbouleh and hommos were very delicious but the fries were not.

The meat shawarma was succulent very well done and served with tomatoes and ba2dounes. I would have preferred if the tomatoes were more grilled.

The chicken shawarma used to be better before as it lacked some seasonings and more cooking but all in all it was not bad.

The kabab was good with it's spicy flavor.

As for dessert I ordered a bowl of strawberries with whipped cream.12000 L.L is a bit expensive for such a dessert.

It was not my best experience at Boubouffe but it was not that bad.
The prices are a bit expensive but it's okay compared to the quality of food. Average per person: 30$.


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