Bar Tartine, I keep coming back for more

BarTartine without introductions and unnecessary "bla bla" is currently one of the best restaurants in town. It has recently become one of the busiest in ‪#‎beirut‬. Whether you go to ‪#‎marmikhael‬ or ABC Mall Achrafieh or to its newest branches in ‪#‎dbayeh‬ you can see what I am talking about. I've been there more than 30 times and tried all the menu. I hardly found a platter that didn't please me. Prices are very affordable, portion is generous, locations are filled with positive vibes and the most important thing is food taste. All plates are very delicious served fresh and you will want to go back again and again. Chicken or meat, salmon or shrimps, salads or appetizers, sandwiches or burgers even pizzas are all excellent. And the "cerise sur la crème" will be its -to die for- dessert! It has an extremely delicious bakery and One of the best TARTES in town. Beware from getting addicted to the mango one. Well I am talking from my own experience.
Rating 8.5/10
PS: the bread and oil they serve at the beginning of the experience are something to look forward to and the picture were taking while eating so the portion is not what it's shown in the picture.


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