American Food at Sandwiched

For all American Food Lovers there is a place for you called Sandwiched. It's not my first time I go there as I have been to both branches Antelias and Jounieh. Sandwiched offers a big variety of salads, rolls, toasts, burgers, pizzas... you name it. This time I went to its Jounieh branch and tried several items: blues'n greens salad, skin-on-dippers, crispy Thai chicken roll and chicken Alfredo toast.

The salad was good but I have liked to see more ingredients than the iceberg.
The fries were delicious, the Chicken Alfredo toast was too greasy and heavy especially that the toast bread was fried and the chicken was very chewy.
The crispy thai chicken has nothing to do with Thai food but it was not bad and the fries served with it were delicious.
In a summary Sandwiched is generous but the food is heavy so if you want to have lunch and dinner at the same and save money then it will be a catch for you.
Average price: 12$/person
Rating: 6.5/10


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