All time Favorite Chopsticks.

I recently had my best experience in one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Beirut: Chopsticks Restaurant. Chopsticks doesn't need introductions, it is already very known and it offers good affordable food. Sin el Fil branch is my favorite as It is full of positive energy due to the beautiful design. Yesterday the food was extremely delicious and the quantity was like double the normal(don't tell the manager :p) . We ordered 1 Chinese crab salad, 1 chicken with cashew nuts and 1 sweet & sour chicken.
The salad was really fresh and very tasty. It can be served with mayo or balsamic vinegar. Well when it comes to enjoying food, goodbye Diet! Of course the mayo one is better.
The Chicken with cashew nuts was succulent! Very good chicken, not chewy, with roasted cashew and fried vegetables. It was the best time I've ever ate it.
The chicken sweet & sour was also very good and I love the mixture chicken-onion-pineapple.
It was a "memorable" experience. The ambiance was great, the food, the staff...
Average price: 17$
Rating: 8/10
P.S. if you are a student, don't forget to show them your student I.D. card and get 15% discount.


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