AL Forno once is enough

Al Forno restaurant recently opened in Zaytounay Bey and I wanted to try it after the huge ad campaign on the billboards. It's a "deja vu" experience concerning the location well it's like all the restaurants on the bay. First the service is extremely slow! We had to wait a lifetime to get our order and same thing for the bill.
Second, the food is not good at all especially that you are paying more than the average. For that price I prefer Nonna Pizza or Olio orNapoletana. Third, what shocked me the most was that they don't give you the liberty to put as much parmesan as you want. I ordered risotto and of course I wanted parmesan, the waiter came and put parmesan for me. And as a parmesan lover I won't be going back again but I won't lie, the risotto was good: portion and taste. The pizza looked delicious but in reality was less than average and it lacked cheese.
The overall experience was not fabulous, it did not appeal me. It's a restaurant to try once not more.
Rating: 6,5/10


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